Why You’re Struggling to Find Advanced Practitioners Post-Pandemic

Dawn Pascale

3 Ways to Adapt to Current Psychiatrist Shortages

The pandemic has dealt a historic blow to the health care system, further contributing to our advanced practitioner shortage. Despite the worst of the pandemic behind us, the demand for these professionals will in no way decline.  Here’s why you will continue to struggle to find advanced practitioners post-pandemic—and what you need to do to meet your hiring goals.

Factors Leading up to the Nurse Practitioner Shortage During COVID

The first pressure was felt at the physician level.

The Second Pressure Being Felt at the Advanced Practitioner Level

With federal caps still on residency programs, tens of thousands of applicants being turned down for nursing and advanced practitioner programs , and our aging patient population, the country remains desperate and nowhere near catching up with the demand for care.

What can healthcare organizations do to meet their hiring goal of advanced practice professionals?

  • Stop competing with every other hospital to hire experienced advanced practice providers.  Instead, develop a comprehensive 3+ month advanced practice provider onboarding structure that includes mentoring. 
  • The healthcare industry is no stranger to the great resignation phenomenon. Prioritize your employee’s well-being.  Does the role offer flexibility in scheduling?  Can you offer some tele-health? Is there true work-life balance?  Is your compensation package equal or better than every other competing facility?
  • Have your existing HR department collaborate with recruitment and staffing organizations. Set up a bonus structure that motivates HR staff to find you the best talent and in the fastest manner whether or not they use an outside agency.  
  • Lobby your state to ease the scope of practice for physician assistants and nurse practitioners.  

There simply aren’t enough advanced practitioners to go around and healthcare organizations must put themselves at a position of strength.

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