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“I have been working with Bob Miller for approximately 2 years. His knowledge of the recruiting industry and attention to detail has resulted in successfully hiring several key physician vacancies within our organization. I feel confident in recommending Bob’s services. He is not only thorough, but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions. He’s become a good colleague and a reliable resource for me.”
Richard Litwin

“As I began my role as a Physician Recruiter at the beginning of the year, this position was new to me.  Fortunately, our organization had a contract with MedSource and Bob Miller was my contact.  I am so pleased that I had someone as helpful, considerate and knowledgeable as Bob.

Early on, I admitted to him that since I was new at this, I could really use his help.  During my telephone conversations with Bob he has always been upbeat and personable and in a way, he has been my “physician recruiter mentor.”  I have learned a lot from him.

Throughout the time, we were trying to recruit a primary care physician, Bob presented us with our top three candidates that he had well screened for our needs.  He understood our needs, wants and expectations prior to submitting a candidate.  He kept in constant contact with me and helped guide me as we moved forward with our candidates.  We successfully recruited a primary care physician for our hospital and she is doing great.

I admire his blend of professionalism and ability to connect with me during our physician recruiting process.  He is a wonderful person who excels at this job, and I am honored that I have the opportunity to work with him.”

Tricia Massey

“Bob Miller is a physician recruiter who I have known for the past 5 years. GI Associates have used him on 5 different occasions to recruit new physicians. The reason that we keep coming back to Bob is that he is such a hardworking professional with great integrity. I have worked with many physician recruiters over the years and unlike others in this area, Bob has always been honest and trustworthy. This is not only true of the practices that use him but also the physician candidates who are being recruited with our group, we know he works hard to find compatible recruits for our practice. He is diligent and follows up on the smallest details. I can endorse Bob without destination to any practice recruiting a new physician and we will continue to use Bob to meet our future needs.”

Joseph R. Murphy, MD

“Bob Miller was extremely open and encouraging from our first conversation and made the process as painless as possible. I really appreciate how he particularly took my own interests in to consideration although he was representing the practice. He truly went above and beyond to make things work out well for all of us involved. I look forward to working with him again in the future to recruit other physicians.”

Syed Owais Hasan, M.D.

“I am so thankful for all of the incredible help that Bob Miller gave me during my job search and application process. I am so grateful for all that he has done for me. He was supportive, kind, and his guidance, continuous communication and availability helped me feel at ease and always up to date. Bob negotiated with HR and advocated for my interests and requests. He provided answers quickly for all of my questions. He not only provided excellent service but was outstanding in the way that he took the time to get to know me, offer advice and encouragement and had a genuine interest in my happiness and successful placement.”

Megan Demerich, (Psychiatric ARNP)

“I had an amazing experience working with MedSource.  As a new graduate, MedSource was essential in making my job search a pleasurable experience.  I was referred to Mohit and after our first conversation, he contacted me two days later with two potential interviews.   Mohit is an active listener, easily accessible, keeps you updated with all the hiring process, and works around your schedule.   Mohit helped me every step of the way.  Many times, he offered guidance on topics to discuss during the interview and spent time clarifying my questions.  Thank you for all your help.”

Sylvana Garcia – PMHNP-BC

“I’ve been in the Provider recruitment space for about four years now, and what determines a good working relationship with recruitment firms for me, is their level of honesty, thoroughness and follow through. Stacie Riddle and her team embody this to a tee. I always know the providers she sends my way have been thoroughly screened by taking a holistic approach to ensure a strong compatibility between the candidate and our opportunity. This means going beyond looking at the CV and passing them along because they look good on paper. Her presentations thread a personal touch, giving me insight into what their candidate seeks outside of the work environment. Stacie keeps me on my toes and it’s the push I need to keep a heavy recruitment load moving forward. It’s one step closer to securing a quality provider our patients deserve. Thank you for all that you do…”

Jacqueline McGuire

“Mohit has delivered us great success.  He has found us high quality, great candidates for difficult geographic regions (including rural areas).  He takes the time to understand your agency and needs, and truly matches candidates to the position.  We have placed multiple candidates through using Mohit.  Mohit is proactive, persistent, and highly professional.  He is wonderful to work with and makes the difficult job of recruiting for specialty positions an easy process!”

Karin Jeffers

“As a new graduate looking for my first provider position, Mohit Mathur was the most amazing resource that I could have imagined.  Mohit took the time to get to know what I wanted while at the same time using his experience to explain to me what I also needed as a new provider.  Mohit has gone above and beyond to assist me in finding what I believe to be the perfect position and team to work with.  Mohit has been by my side every step of the way to assist me and answer any questions that I have had.  Mohit is truly a blessing and a joy to work with.

I highly recommend using MedSource Consultants and Mohit –  you can place your trust in them.”

Tana Allen PMHNP-BC

“I have had the chance to work with a few recruiters over the years and I can say without any doubt that my experience working with Mohit ranks way above the rest for many reasons.

Right from the beginning, Mohit showed that he cared about my personal circumstances.  Mohit was very attentive to my criteria and it was clear to me that Mohit was only interested in matching me with a position that I would be 100% satisfied with accepting. Mohit was very open and forthcoming about the positions he presented and his close working relationship with the organizations he was recruiting for gave me very clear expectations.”

Mohit is very easy going and a delight to work with.

He will be the first to know if I ever need a recruiter in the future.”

Michael Olukotun, PMHNP-BC

“Many doctors completing their training will be surprised to learn that navigating the job hunt is a very overwhelming process. Mark Liebman from MedSource was extremely helpful in assisting me in this daunting process. I had many specifications in terms of job location, salary, type of work, etc. He was very diligent in presenting only opportunities that satisfied these criteria. Not only was he thoughtful but also persistent and effective in facilitating the communication between myself and future employers. He also was very resourceful for other aspects of getting hired including credentialing and consideration of loan repayment. I would highly recommend MedSource and Mark Liebman.”

Jonathan K., M.D. (Psychiatrist)

I have worked with Brianne Dane at MedSource Consultants for a number of years and have always received quality candidates from her. The service that I receive from Bri and MedSource is top of the line with comparison to other contingency firms and I will continue to use Bri for all my physician/allied health recruitment needs.”

Steve Liebetrau

I wanted to take this time to thank you for Bob Miller’s great expertise and management style with finding our new full-time physician in Texas.  He was great to work with, super helpful, and was always on top of the next steps for the final hiring process!  Thanks again for everything!

Janet Doran

“My work with MedSource Consultants was a tremendously gratifying experience. As a new graduate just out of training, they were excellent in providing the assistance I needed in navigating my search. The consultants were diligent and consistently remained on task. Most importantly, we found a position that was the best fit for me. Having MedSource Consultants on board made this very important transition easier and pleasurable.”

Kevin Brown, M.D. (Neurologist)

“Rebecca, you have such a wonderful team!!! MedSource is the best staffing agency that I have ever worked with during my 10-year career as a Human Resource professional. The entire team is very responsive, detailed oriented, professional, efficient and effective in their approach to quickly secure Nurse Practitioner candidates. The recruiting team started to send over candidates one day after signing the contract while staying in consent contact with me throughout the process. I am very pleased with the agency and will recommend your company to others. MedSource is definitely the leading agency to secure Nurse Practitioners and I am absolutely certain they have the ability to secure candidates for other positions. Thank you for working hard for our company!”

Timika Bradley

“MedSource Consultants has been contracted with us for several years and Bob has been an excellent recruiter and resource for us. I know I can trust his judgement and that he consistently looks for quality candidates.

Bob is great conversationalist and I have truly enjoyed working with him over the years. He is definitely one of my “go to” recruiters because he will go the extra mile to find a good match.”

Kathy Bray, Recruiter

“MedSource has worked patiently with me over the past year to secure a position that suited my many asked for requirements.  They worked around many delays on my part and kept in communication.  Phone calls, questions and communication with the many parties involved was prompt and professional.  I would definitely recommend their services to colleagues.”

Susan Frederikson, M.D. (Psychiatrist)

“Rebecca Hayward is so knowledgeable and informative about the labor market. Send a position her way for placement and she responds so quickly, you’d think she already anticipated your needs and had some candidates waiting to send your way!”

Ann Snyder

“As a new graduate, psychiatric nurse practitioner my recruiter has been an amazing help and support. Within a few days of working with her I had 2 amazing interviews and because of her helpful hints, professional strategies, support and encouragement I was quickly offered both positions. She made this stressful time more relaxed and enjoyable. Above all, she was always professional and available as a resource. Even now that I have secured a position she checks in to ensure I am settling in and offers continued support. Overall, she has been so helpful, and I am greatly appreciative of all she has done. She always made me feel like a priority and gave me the attention as if I was her only client. I recommend MedSource with my highest endorsement.”

Jeannette M. Sorace, PHMNP

“My rep at MedSource provided a high level of interest in both me and the health system I joined. She was instrumental in negotiating an improved contract that encouraged the parties on both sides of the negotiation. She had a sophisticated but courteous persistence in accomplishing a firm and reasonable agreement and continued to exhibit interest in the completion of details and the well-being of me and my family.  It continues to be a pleasure to work with her!”

David Knierim, M.D. (Neurosurgeon)