Given for Successful Referrals!

If you introduce us to someone that meets our referral program terms, they'll get $250, and you'll get $250, too. It's win-win!

In times of shared challenge, we come together as friends and colleagues in the spirit of camaraderie.  You now have a valuable opportunity that can fundamentally benefit the career of someone in your network or help a healthcare organization find talent that they may have otherwise missed entirely.

Personal referrals are the foundation of MedSource Consultants so you can be confident that we will provide an exceptional experience for the people you refer in your sphere of influence.  Our team is ready to open life-changing doors of opportunity for your trusted referrals.


Terms and Conditions
  1. For Direct Hires, once your referral has been successfully placed by us and 90 days of employment has been completed, you will be entitled to receive your referral bonus.  Locum referrals must work a minimum of 500 hours to qualify for the referral bonus based on individual postings.
  2. Referrals exclude healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations who are currently registered and actively working with MedSource Consultants.
  3. For you to qualify for the referral program, you must provide us with your referral’s name and contact details.
  4. Your referral must be placed within 18 months of registration.
  5. We reserve the right to suspend or discontinue the referral program at any time without notice.  Those in the referral program before it gets discontinued will be honored.
  6. You will be responsible for paying any personal income tax that may be due in respect of the receipt of this gift
  7. Should a candidate be submitted more than once as a referral, MedSource will honor the first referring party only.
  8. A person will be paid only one referral bonus per candidate referred to MedSource.  However, there is no limit on the number of healthcare professionals or healthcare opportunities a person can refer.