Why Now is Better Than Ever for Finding a Job in the Healthcare Field

Dawn Pascale

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says healthcare occupations will grow by 16% through 2030, which is much faster than most other occupations. During that time, you can look for healthcare organizations to add close to three million new jobs: more than any other industry.

The data tells us nurse practitioners, physician assistants and medical health service managers will all be at the top of the must-hire list in the coming years, with nurse practitioners projected to be the second-fastest growing job over the next decade!

Want to learn more about why now is a better time than ever to explore a career in healthcare? We encourage you to read on.

Reason 1: Job Security

Job security is a huge motivator to join healthcare. Many industries these days are losing workers, but not healthcare. With the aging of the baby boomer population, the demand for new healthcare workers is predicted to skyrocket. If you’re healthcare trained, this means you’ll never be hard-pressed to find a job when you’re in need of one.

Reason 2: You can work from where you want

You can also work just about anywhere you want. In addition to picking the kind of healthcare facility you’ll work in; you have the choice of states and cities to serve. Every state in the U.S. needs qualified healthcare workers. You can find a job in a bustling Boston or a quiet rural setting in North Dakota—and everywhere in between.

Reason 3: There’s a variety of options

You can also pick and choose a career path based on your interests. Say you are seeking to increase your earning power. Depending on what position you initially choose, whether it be a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, medical health service manager or more there’s almost always a way to move up the ladder as you hone your skills in healthcare. Some roles only require certifications while others definitely need additional schooling to earn extra income. The real question is more what are you interested in learning?

Reason 4: It’s Something You Can Be Passionate About

Far from being a worker on an assembly line, every patient, every case, and every pile of paperwork represents a unique human being. Even your location is interesting. You may work in a small independent medical practice or a large urban hospital. You may be a homecare worker or work in a nursing home. The skills you apply could include everything from cleaning teeth to delivering babies, working on an electronic health records (EHR) platform or doing billing to insurance companies. There are literally dozens of jobs in the average hospital, too. You may start out in housekeeping or the cafeteria or you may be on the floor delivering care. It’s a diverse, smart, fast-paced field where you’ll be sure to find something you truly care about.

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