What Should I Ask Before Accepting a Leadership Role in Medicine?

Doreen Phillips

What Should I Ask Before Accepting a Leadership Role in Medicine?

The higher you go up the chain of command in healthcare, the more you need to make sure you’re finding the right fit.

Medical leaders carry the weight of clinical outcomes, staff relationships, quality metrics, and more on their shoulders. Committing to accepting a new position is an incredibly delicate dance but also a very heavy decision.

MedSource Consultants shares five key questions to ask before signing on for your next medical leadership role.

1. What are the organization’s mission and values, and do they live them?

You’ve been through many interviews, a tour (or several), and met dozens of people. You know the organization’s mission, and you’ve learned about its values. But the real question is: Does the organization live its values?

After making the rounds, what did you see and sense? Are teams collaborating in care delivery, or do you sense conflict and confusion? Given that your role reflects who you are as a person, is this position right for your value system?

2. What are its immediate and long-term goals for the facility’s future?

Given that healthcare leaders set short- and long-term goals for their organizations, the answer to this question will tell you a lot about the priorities of your colleagues.

Thoroughly reviewing corporate financials, patient satisfaction scores, and any other data you can find will shed light on the real health of the organization. As a medical leader, you are the captain of the ship, so due diligence will ensure the boat you’re considering isn’t named Titanic.

3. What is the organizational structure and culture like?

Culture matters. It doesn’t matter if you work in housekeeping or as a CEO. Culture permeates the entire organization. Is it a true service culture? Do teams collaborate well? How are patient satisfaction scores, and what do they say about the organization online? If your goal is to truly know what you’re getting into, you must evaluate the cultural fit of the organization.

4. What kind of budget and resources will support my new medical department?

One good question to ask during the interview process is whether the medical staff budget is increasing or decreasing. What kind of compensation and perks does the organization offer new doctors? How many open jobs does the organization have? Does the organization have a lot of turnover?

5. How are decisions made? What is the communications process?

When it comes to decision-making, do doctors have a place at the table of the healthcare organization you’re considering? What kind of structures are in place to increase stakeholder buy-in? All these questions will help you make the best decision beyond just looking at the compensation package offered.

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