Ways Outsourcing Physician Recruiting Can Lower Company Costs

An entire industry has been built around the idea of the supplemental service. Outsourcing is a way to add expertise without the overhead costs of maintaining expert staff or purchasing the tools they need to do the job. Companies save millions annually by outsourcing to providers of these services in every industry category.

This article will look at how outsourcing physician recruiting can lower costs and increase your effectiveness.

Physician Recruiting is a Full-Time Job

Earlier this year, the Association of American Medical Colleges confirmed findings that the U.S. is rapidly passing the point of no return on their clinical staffing shortages. By 2032 we will feel the sting of staffing shortages that will soar to 122,000 physicians, according to the study. At a time when chronic conditions are rampant, and the baby boomer population is nearing their senior years, we simply do not have enough doctors to go around.

Recruiting for clinical positions requires enormous full-time effort, no matter the specialty or the size of your practice. Many hospitals and certainly smaller practice networks simply do not have the resources available to source for physician and nurse roles. That’s typically where the expertise of an outside recruiting agency can make a big impact without adding overhead. Outsourcing has some key benefits, including:

Cutting costs by adding in-house recruiting teams to your organization.

Outsourcing recruiting adds to your clinical teams without adding to your administrative overhead. These firms are focused on one thing—filling the seats on your bus. Outsourced recruiting firms have built their businesses on filling the most challenging medical practice roles, and they typically come with an expansive network. This saves your organization time and labor costs, allowing your internal HR teams to stay focused on keeping the lights on.

Increasing the efficiency of time to hire.

Most experienced healthcare recruiting firms are not operating from a cold start; instead offering your organization the ability to improve the quality of the clinical talent they hire, but also improving the efficiency of your recruiting efforts. Outsourcing gives you access to expertise that has been honed in the field. This automatically raises the work standard so you can improve the efficiency of your recruiting efforts.

Saves on infrastructure costs.

There is no operational build out when hiring an external recruiting team. These organizations already have their own infrastructures in place to supplement yours. Your recruiting partner can simply operate as an extension of your existing HR teams, allowing you to ramp up when necessity dictates it, without adding infrastructure.

No ramp up or training period.

Outsourcing your medical recruiting does not require additional training or a ramp-up period. There is no additional technology to purchase or supplement. A recruiting firm comes ready-made with the tools and talent you need to hit the ground running in your clinical search efforts.

Outsourced recruiting offers extensive benefits for organizations seeking a competitive advantage in tomorrow’s challenging recruiting field. Healthcare organizations can save time and money by outsourcing their medical recruiting efforts and stay focused on what’s important—their bottom line. Connect with MedSource Consultants today to find out how we can help during the challenging years ahead.