The Importance of Servant Leadership for Physicians

Dawn Pascale

The Importance of Servant Leadership for Physicians MedSource Consultants

You may have heard the term “servant leadership” in healthcare. It’s a leadership style in which the head of the organization prioritizes the needs of their team and works to develop and empower its members.

In this blog, we’ll explore the idea of servant leadership and how it can help create a positive and supportive work environment.

What Is Servant Leadership?

Many doctors go into healthcare for altruistic reasons rooted in the desire to help others. That’s why healthcare is such a perfect fit for the servant leadership model. But servant leadership isn’t just about taking care of patients, it also requires you to take proper care of yourself and the team around you.

The fundamental principles of servant leadership include the following:

Servant leaders are attuned to the needs and feelings of their team. They strive to listen and understand the perspectives of each member.

The best servant leaders are modest and humble. They recognize that their work is part of a team and organizational effort.

This leadership type is a way to take ownership of one’s own actions and their impact on their team and the wider organization.

Servant leaders prioritize the development and growth of their teams by empowering them to do their best work.

Servant leaders encourage collaboration and teamwork by valuing the input of others. This type of leadership is an effective approach for physicians seeking to create a positive, supportive work environment that promotes teamwork. In healthcare, better teamwork means better patient care.

What other benefits of servant leadership can physicians experience?

Improved Patient Care
When doctors prioritize the needs of their team, they are better able to provide high-quality patient care. Under the servant leadership model, the entire team can share knowledge and expertise to improve patient outcomes.

Increased Job Satisfaction
Physicians who practice this type of leadership can create a more positive work environment where teams feel valued and supported. This not only increases the satisfaction of the team but also of the doctor.

Greater Collaboration
Servant leaders promote high-functioning teams in the medical space by increasing collaboration and teamwork. This in turn leads to more efficient and effective patient care.

Improved Reputation
Servant leaders are seen as more approachable by staff. This enhances their reputation within the entire healthcare community and with the patients they serve.

A recent article from Kevin MD talks about the importance of servant leadership for physicians. It states, “Serving isn’t about being servile, or about false humility. It does not mean being submissive or weak. It does not mean dictating or dominating. It does not mean self-denial or neglecting family.” His point is that doctors should not be so giving that they burn out or give too much of themselves. A servant leader must first start by leading by example and “work with intention, eat good food, exercise, play, rest, and explore what spirituality means to you.”

Cath Lab Digest states, “If we work on taking little steps daily to build our servant leadership skills and develop the characteristics of servant leadership, we become more and more apt to respond to the bigger issues more effectively as they arise.”

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