The Dark Side
of Recruitment
Solving the most common recruitment challenges.

The average time to fill medical employment vacancies is twice as long than it was a decade ago. It is expected to worsen dramatically.  

We minimize time between vacancies. As the complexity of health care evolves, we adapt our recruitment and source quality providers with speed & efficacy.   

There is an aggregate shortage of qualified providers in this candidate-driven job market.

Capitalize on our longstanding relationships with nursing and medical school programs, our strong referral program, and our pipeline of providers to source the best talent.

High disparity in both agency and applicant quality.

With our references and reputation, we end hiring mismatches. We have helped thousands of organizations employ first-rate, long-term medical providers.

Being understaffed has a deeply human impact: employee stress levels rise, morale decreases, and turnover and absenteeism increases.

Our investment in provider sourcing attracts the largest number of candidates to your opportunity, decreasing stress and increasing productivity.  

High turnover rate provenly lowers the financial health of the organization.

Our retention strategies help lower your risk of lost revenue. We help build a strategy for retention initiatives that improve the financial health of your organization.

Everyone needs you to do more with less.

Partnering with MedSource eases the burden of your recruitment process. We craft a specialized search for your team, taking the sweat out of finding the best individuals.

Capital losses occur due to an inability to handle patient volume.

What is the contribution a provider makes to the bottom line of your organization? If the solution is to hire the best candidate, the cost of recruiting through a reputable firm such as MedSource will be invaluable. 

Inadequate recruiting process discourage the highest qualified candidates.

MedSource makes significant improvements in hiring competency with an effective screening process and placement methodology that culminates with successful, high-quality hires.

Looking for innovative solutions that will allow a physician time to provide superior healthcare in the most cost-efficient way while optimizing revenues and profitability?

This type of practice management would require services that offer advanced, comprehensive, an end to end solutions.   MedSource discovered a company that can offer healthcare facilities, solo and group practice high-performance medical billing.  With their proprietary integrated clearinghouse, collections will decrease A/R days and claim rejections and denials to only 2%. Other solutions include practice kiosks, virtual healthcare, compliance and credentialing.

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