Technology Solutions Physicians NEED to Embrace

Dawn Pascale

Technology Solutions Physicians NEED to Embrace

Physicians and technology. Not necessarily a match made in heaven – but the truth is, technology can bring added value to a hospital, clinic or practice.

It’s not that clinicians don’t have what it takes to tackle tech in their office. It’s just that they may never embrace the idea that a computer or app can improve the care experience and workflow.

Despite these facts, the digital transformation is here to stay, and you can’t afford to be left behind.

Here are four ways to ensure you’re getting the most out of today’s technology as a physician:

Automate Your Administrative Tasks

This should be a no-brainer. Walk into virtually any type of business these days and customer information is stored on a server.

For just about every practice, the most time-consuming part of the day is often dealing with administrative tasks – scheduling staff, following up with patients, ordering supplies. The kinds of tasks that a digital workplace can take care of with a lot less time or effort.

An effective workforce management strategy is a valuable tool for addressing day-to-day admin tasks. Having the right resources in place can help your team do their jobs more efficiently – increasing efficiency and removing the potential for costly errors.

Embrace Software that Improves the Patient Experience

A key driver of patient satisfaction and the patient experience  is ensuring they feel they’re in control of their care. Control comes from the ability to find a physician or specialist they’re comfortable with, who is in-network, accepting patients, and with whom they can easily schedule an appointment online.

A provider directory software program gives patients heightened control over their care, without placing an unnecessary burden on clinicians or administrative staff. Such a digital data hub allows patients to search for and schedule appointments with the provider best suited to their needs.

Hop On the Telehealth Bandwagon

Telemedicine – or telehealth – benefits both health and convenience. Over time, telehealth has become an accepted part of a practice, with a growing number of healthcare providers offering to “see” patients by computer and smartphone.

Today’s technology has made telemedicine easy – even for patients and practitioners who don’t consider themselves computer savvy. For example, patients can use telehealth through providers such as the MyChart online platform or mobile app and request a virtual visit with a provider.

Technology Can Streamline the Billing Process

Digital payment tools are one of the fastest-growing trends in healthcare. More practices are switching to online billing due to the patient demand for it. It’s not only better for the environment (you’re using less paper), but it’s also better for your bottom line. Faster, easier payment means quicker and increased cash flow.

For a practice, using medical billing technology can streamline activities, save time, reduce manual error, and identify mistakes that can affect the medical process. It can also increase payment collection, thereby increasing revenue.

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