Successful Healthcare Recruiting: A Two-Way Street

Matt Brewster

Mastering Staffing Contract Negotiations in the Medical Industry MedSource Consultants

Have you ever turned your car onto a one-way street and realized you are heading in the wrong direction?  It’s not a good feeling.

Perhaps you were too focused on getting to your destination, ignored the street signs, and suddenly you’re facing a big SUV and think “Maybe I should have let someone else drive.”

When your medical staff has openings for advanced practice practitioners, physicians or a new specialist, you want those positions filled because the quality of care delivered depends on it.  Getting them on board is a priority, but a myopic focus takes your eyes off the real goal which simply put is find the right candidate quickly.  Your need may be urgent, but urgently bringing in any and every willing candidate for an interview will make the journey longer. Your staff and physicians will spend more time interviewing, instead of providing patient care.  The consequences often lead to greater expenses that don’t result in hires or worse signing the wrong person.  Both are costly mistakes. Navigating the search process is easy when you partner with an experienced healthcare recruiter.  As your designated driver, a good recruiter comes to the task with a clear vision, a genuine interest in understanding what your requirements are & the proper tools to make sure you reach your destination.

It’s not enough to just partner with an experienced healthcare recruiter.  As the employer, you are the linchpin of the recruiting process, because the recruiter’s success is dependent on your consistent and clear communication efforts.  Information from the employer about the opportunity, in as much detail as possible, is the best way to get started.  At the same time, communication is a two-way street and a good recruiter will know to ask the right questions in an effort to obtain a clear understanding of the candidate’s specific role on your team. If you elicit vague parameters or set unrealistic expectations, this will cause considerable delays in the recruiting process, and it will hinder the recruiter and employer relationship.

The highest priority is finding the best candidate for the job and in a timely manner.  If there is not enough information about the job order and prompt feedback is not given, this is impossible.  The relationship needs to be symbiotic. After all, a recruiter’s daily agenda is to call upon 100s of candidates.  Having a clear understanding of the workload, daily responsibilities, compensation, and benefits will help attract the right candidate who will sync with the team’s overall philosophy and structure. Furthermore, feedback on candidates sent or interviewed by you should be provided in short order.  As much as the client appreciates feedback immediately post-interview, so does the candidate. Anything less is traveling down a one way street in the dark.

Placing the best candidate requires time and effort, but establishing a successful relationship with the right healthcare recruiter will help smooth that journey.  Helping people advance their career with your healthcare facility is a trip your recruiter will be happy to take.