Making the Most Out of Your Relationship with Your Recruiter

Mohit Mathur

Work With a Recruiter to Craft a Standout Medical Resume MedSource Consultants

A relationship is a two-way street,” goes the timeworn adage.  This dynamic exists in every relationship, including the one you will enjoy with your medical recruiter as you seek out satisfying career opportunities.  Recruiters provide a variety of resources to help clients succeed in this  goal; in every instance, the benefit of the relationship will be a function of what you, the provider, puts into it.  Our ability to succeed in this task depends entirely on the mutual communication, trust and respect that we will develop together.  Here’s how a medical staffing agency like MedSource Consultants can help you find the best job that fits your goals.

Tips for Working with a Healthcare Recruiter

Sharing clear information and supporting details on your situation and career goals will be essential to ensuring a well-defined mutual objective with your recruiter, which ultimately lends itself to a successful search.  One thing you can do before reaching out to a recruiting firm is to define what you are seeking.  Give as much thought as necessary to defining the best type of environment that you would excel in as a provider.  Are there some healthcare organizations that interest you more than others? Are you looking to stay where you are, or are you open to relocating for the best team?  Answering these questions will help you select the right kind of recruiter to work with.

Keep in mind that most healthcare organizations are looking to fill a variety of roles.  You will likely have several healthcare recruiters interested in working with you.  In many cases, you may end up interviewing the recruiters as much as they’ll interview you.  Trust your gut feeling and identify which recruiter you’re most comfortable working with by considering, in part, their track record of working with top healthcare organizations.  Once you make your selection, work closely with the recruiter, in the same way you would a hiring manager.  Follow through with what you say you’ll do, and always be courteous and respectful in the same way you would with a hiring manager. 

Keep in mind that your medical recruiter is a trusted advisor.  They are here to help you make meaningful connections with the most supporitive teams across the country.  To that end, it is essential that you are comfortable to be honest with them about any gaps in your resume so they can introduce you appropriately to a potential employer. It’s okay to work with more than one recruiter simultaneously but always let them know that if have other opportunities pending.  Make sure you keep track of the roles you’ve applied for to stay on top of the process if a recruiter reaches out.

Update your resume and be open to feedback from your recruiter.  Remember, they’ve seen hundreds of resumes and understand what healthcare providers are looking for in a top-quality candidate.  For this reason, it’s good to ask the recruiter for constructive criticism about your marketing materials or how you conduct yourself during the interview process. Recruiters are typically as candid as they can be about the feedback they received from employers and your chances of moving forward from the phone screen to an on-site, and further.  The best recruiters will shepard you through this process.

You can jump-start the process of working with a healthcare recruiter by making yourself available online. Establishing a professional LinkedIn profile, using the LinkedIn publishing feature, or speaking at events can all help get you noticed. Make it a habit to attend networking events throughout the year to make new professional connections. Post regularly on social media about relevant industry topics, and generally make yourself available and accessible to a network of career connections.  If you are consistent in these efforts, recruiters will find it easier to connect.

In essence, the healthcare recruiter is there to help qualified candidates find fulfilling career opportunities, and understanding the dynamics of this relationship will allow you to benefit fully from the resources an expert recruiter can provide.  Ours is a free resource that can help you land your next role. Remember: once you’re in a new position, make sure you keep in touch with your recruiter colleagues and keep those networks alive.  You never know when you might need them.

We believe recruiting can be fun, easy and satisfying for all parties involved.  Having decades of success to draw upon, our team looks forward to helping guide you through the process of identifying your perfect job opportunity.  Talk to the experts at MedSource Consultants today about the marketplace options available and how you can achieve your career goals.  We’ll be pleased to serve your needs and make meaningful connections with supportive teams across the nation.