How to Prepare for a Virtual Medical Job Interview

Dante Antonini

If you’ve never participated in a virtual medical job interview, it takes some getting used to. Unless you love seeing yourself on camera, it can be an uncomfortable process where both you and the interviewer feel a little awkward.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, 42% of companies were already using a virtual interview as part of their hiring process. Post-coronavirus, it’s likely that the video interview will grow in popularity.

So, get ready, medical candidates. It’s likely a virtual interview is in your future. How can you prepare for what may be inevitable?

Tips for Your Best Online Interview

Today’s technologies can be leveraged to have an interview without leaving the comfort of your own home. All you need is a smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet with a video camera built right. Video conferencing is in widespread use around the country, particularly if you are a traveling nurse.

While you may participate in a real-time video interview with live people on the screen, many video interviews are pre-recorded. These one-way Q&A sessions can take the place of a video interviewer. You simply click on a link, and the interactive software guides you through questions and across screens. Many have practice sessions before the recording occurs.

But other online video interviews are between real people in real-time. Like any interview, you should prepare in advance. Here are some ideas on how to make your video interview go well:

  • Just like an in-person screening, research the company you’re interviewing with. Make sure you have relevant questions on hand to come across as prepared and professional.
  • Just like any interview, dress appropriately.
  • But here’s where things go a little awry from the traditional interview. You should always pay careful attention to your background. Remember that the camera and microphone will pick up ambient noise, and the interviewer(s) will get a close look behind your back at whatever is in the room. It’s a good idea to close the windows to block out unexpected noises. Don’t have the sun behind your head because it may wash out the video image; instead, close the curtains.
  • Sit up straight and try to look into the camera’s eye at the top of your screen, and not the thumbnails of the interviewers.
  • Elevate your laptop so you’re looking at the interviewers head-on instead of looking down at them, which might make your face look weird.
  • Practice the online interview before you do the real thing. That way, you’ll start to grow more accustomed to the format before you have the actual interview.

Today’s modern interview is frequently conducted digitally. Whether you have a smartphone, a tablet, desktop, or another digital device, these tools can be leveraged to ensure that you’re getting the information out about your qualifications as well as able to ask questions about what the job entails.

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