How Can Healthcare Recruiters Find You Better Leaders?

Jim Fitzgibbon

What Should I Ask Before Accepting a Leadership Role in Medicine? MedSource Consultants

Today, the best talent is proactively sourced. If your hiring team is waiting around for a healthcare leader to find you, you’re going to have a very long time to hire.

Everyone at the administrative level in healthcare understands how hard it is to find leadership talent these days. But the reality is that it’s just as hard to find the kind of leadership your organization needs to stay competitive. How can organizations recruit Medical Directors, Division Chiefs, Nurse Administrators, or other leaders?

Healthcare recruiters bridge the gap between our hiring wants and needs and the kind of leadership you need to meet today’s challenge. Here are three strategies that healthcare recruiters use today to find you leadership talent.

1. Healthcare Recruiters Help You Hone Your Requirements.

Healthcare recruiters work hand-in-hand with their clients to organize the job requirements. We try to understand right up front the kind of strategic imperatives guiding your decisions about the kind of leadership you’re seeking.

We simply can’t fulfill your hiring goal without understanding the pressures your key leadership will undergo on the job.

A good recruiting firm should make the effort to identify the profile of an ideal leadership candidate well before the search begins. This means we’ll understand both the tangible hard skills your leadership candidates bring to the table like education or prior leadership roles. But we also understand a strong leader must know how to lead within the unique culture they’re stepping into.

These nuances make MedSource Consultants one of the top executive healthcare search firms in the country.

2. Healthcare Recruiters Target Non-Local Candidates.

An executive job search process is discreet, so it makes sense that we would reach out to candidates outside the market. These careful, respectful conversations can happen with a recruiting firm that has been in the healthcare market for decades.

While these conversations often end up forcing the sponsoring healthcare organization to create a relocation package for the candidate, the reality is that the best specialized leadership candidates may be nowhere near your facility.

Recruiting teams have been targeting distant markets as part of their efforts to find the best candidates no matter where they’re located. This market diversity can also yield candidate diversity, something most healthcare organizations strive for.

3. Healthcare Recruiters Have Better Networks.

Imagine the kinds of networks your HR team could have if they spent all day having conversations with executive healthcare leadership. A firm like MedSource Consultants has extensive candidate resources featuring key high-quality leadership talent.

These relationships take years to build and this kind of proactive sourcing typically happens nowhere but in a recruiting firm. A healthcare recruiter focused on an executive search identifies your requirements then scours their network for the right kind of leader for your team. Because these relationships are already established, a good healthcare recruiter can pick up the phone and check in with participants in these networks to talk about their candidacy or if they know someone. This process pre-vets the executive leader so that you only get the best talent for your team to meet later on.

MedSource Consultants is the nation’s leading provider of high-level healthcare executive talent. If you’re preparing for a change at the top, contact us. We can help.