Healthcare Recruiting: 5 Key Reasons to Consider Being a Physician Assistant

Dawn Pascale

For many people, pursuing a career in medicine and healthcare stems from a desire to help people.

Of course with the vast array of concentrations, specialties and levels in the healthcare sector, the extent of the help and care you provide can vacillate greatly, and is often proportional to your education and compensation.

One of the fastest growing medical positions is the physician assistant.  In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor is forecasting a 38% increase in the employment of PA’s (physician assistants) by 2022.

Leveraging the resources and contacts offered by a healthcare recruiting firm can make the career trajectory for a physician assistant all the more promising.  Not only will the right recruiter promote your skills and distinct talents and abilities, they will have you positioned in a smaller pool of candidates.  Healthcare recruiters are also great for learning the latest industry and practice trends and news.  All of these elements enhance the benefits of working as a physician assistant.  While the list can be long and vary from person to person, below are five key benefits of working as a PA:

1.)    High Compensation:   According to the Department of Labor, the median annual income for a physician assistant is $90,930.  This is nearly a 6% increase from 2010.  This is one of the highest earning positions in the healthcare sector.  When you factor in the personally fulfilling options of having a choice of locations and specialties, it becomes a more promising option.

2.)    Receive a Return on Your Education:  As stated above, there is a substantial salary that accompanies this position.  This is a direct response that corresponds to the education required to become a certified PA.  The average 27 months of education that go into your master’s degree yields a much higher compensation package than most master’s program graduates.  In 2013 the physician assistant master’s program was named the most valuable for the 4th consecutive year by Forbes.  The knowledge gained within these programs equips graduates with the ability to transition between specialties as well as other healthcare options.

3.)    Bright Employment Projection: From 2012-2022, a 38% increase in the demand for physician assistants is expected.  In 2010, the 10 year forecast was only 30%, still vastly ahead of similar professions.  In fact a healthy job sector will boast a 14% growth expectation; the PA field is 171% greater than that.

4.)    You Will Be in a Substantial Position:  The growing demand for healthcare caused by our nation’s aging population will require more and more capable and skilled physicians.  A physician assistant is being looked at as the answer to meet these shortcomings.  A medical practice is often able to hire a PA for less than a physician, which can reduce healthcare costs and increase the availability of quality care.

5.)    Experience a Fulfilling Career:  Working as a physician assistant provides the opportunity to do a lot of special things.  Not only are you helping and healing people, but you get to work directly with skilled physicians who are like minded toward patients.  Each day you will be in an intellectually challenging environment.  The high earning potential makes this an even more attractive career path.  After passing the licensing exam and for the cost of an advanced degree (time and money) you are able to enjoy many of the benefits that come with practicing medicine.

This is a short list of the benefits that a career as a physician assistant can provide.  At Medsource Consultants we have a passion to recruit the best physician assistants and place them in the best situations that benefit the employer, practitioner and patient.  For more information, please click here.