Finding A Job After Residency: A 12 Month Guide

Bob Miller

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In the words of Winston Churchill, “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

As your residency is coming to an end, a new and exciting chapter in your medical career is about to begin. The notion of life after residency has always lingered inside the mind, but the reality is that you have not given your post-residency life much contemplation.

For the past several years, you have been focused on a balance of hospital rounds and patient evaluations.  The residency period has provided the foremost medical training, so you are now equipped to handle any medical scenario.  However, the one circumstance that it has not granted is the information necessary to plan for your post-residency career. At this point, you now realize how important finding a job after residency can be, so we have developed a 12-month guide for finding a medical job after residency just for you.

Residency, the metaphorical beast that seems to control

every single move in your life will soon release you from its solid grasp.  The thousands of hours spent in rotation have seemed like an eternity, but you will soon be free to pursue your dreams and aspirations. A new trail, one that is entirely your own, is ready to be blazed. There is only one problem.  You have many questions and ones that are completely valid.  These questions are the same ones that thousands of physicians before you have had. Where do I go from here?  Who can help me on my career path? What are my requirements to practice? How do I live now that my residency is done? The answer to these great questions and many more can be found in this comprehensive guide to life after residency. 

The good news is that you have many different options and choices to make for your future. The bad news is that evaluating these options can be overwhelming.  As a healthcare recruiter, our goal in creating this guide is to enhance your ability to make the best possible decision through the material provided.  The guide breaks out the information by month, so the transition from residency to professional practice is manageable.  While the guide is updated for stipulations of today, we understand that things change over time.  As new challenges and regulations enter the field of medicine, we will update this comprehensive resource accordingly.

“Finding A Job After Residency: A 12 Month Guide” is the title of our whitepaper, and it can be downloaded by clicking on the image below.

Month By Month Guide To Finding A Job After Residency