Can a Healthcare Recruiter Find Me an Unadvertised Position?

Bob Miller

Can a Healthcare Recruiter Find Me an Unadvertised Position?

We can answer the title post of this blog in one word: Yes. Unadvertised jobs are the hidden gems of the medical job market.

It takes a well-connected recruiting firm that has strong relationships with their healthcare clients to get the “in” on these jobs. Not all healthcare recruiters have this track record, or the ability to know immediately when jobs are available, even when the jobs aren’t posted online.

So How Do They Tap into This Hidden Job Market?

There is a whole list of hidden jobs that haven’t been advertised yet. These jobs perhaps haven’t been budgeted or approved by the healthcare organization, but a good recruiting firm will get a heads up from their client so they can build a pipeline of candidates.

Why would employers do this?

  • Advertising positions is an expensive undertaking and requires a lot of internal manpower to review CVs, and screen candidates. Healthcare labor costs are an exorbitant part of any clinical organization, whether a small medical practice or a multi-state health system, so utilizing a recruiting helps the organization fill the role by staying within a certain budget. 
  • It allows the organization to keep an expansion quiet while they build and train their team before releasing details to the public.
  • The fill time is faster.  A quality recruitment firm already has a large pool of high-quality candidates at their fingertips.  A hospital will reach out to MedSource Consultants, for example, because they know we’ve been building our candidate networks for years. 

If you’re trying to tap into this hidden healthcare job market there are a few ways to do it:

  • Work your own network. Reach out to your old instructors or college alumni and certainly use LinkedIn to make new connections. Think about the network of people you’ve worked with over the years. All of these connections are valuable.
  • You can also “cold call” the HR team at the hospital you’re targeting. If you’ve found the healthcare facility that you think you want to work at, why not find out who the head recruiter or hiring manager is at that facility. Send them your CV and a cover letter and see where it leads.
  • But without a doubt, the best way to hear about unadvertised jobs is from an established, experienced healthcare recruiting firm like MedSource Consultants. We’re one of the nation’s leading experts on staffing for healthcare organizations and our recruiting team has solid relationships with top medical facilities in the country.

If you’re considering the next career move, please don’t hesitate to send our team a resume. We have both advertised and potential unadvertised positions that may interest you. Contact us. We can help.