Best Practices for Recruiting Passive Nurse Practitioner Talent

Matt Brewster

Passive recruiting has proven to be an effective way to solicit top candidates in the healthcare field. Recruiters that fail to use this technique will be unable to distinguish themselves or their firm as the finders of healthcare talent. Today, instead of just “posting and praying”—waiting for candidates to apply, recruiting teams must actively engage candidates online in new and more proactive ways. Here’s how to use these techniques to reach more passive nurse partitioner talent in the healthcare field.

Why Are Passive Candidates Better?

Passive candidates are the quietly unhappy employees. They may have begun updating their resume, but they aren’t on the market yet officially ready for a new job. Some of them may even be happy and productive in their careers. Wouldn’t it be great to harness these resources for your organization?

Passive candidates are different from active candidates. Active candidates are the ones already on the market. The competition for active nurse practitioners is fierce. That’s exactly why you want to focus more of your attention on building relationships with passive candidates.

3 Ways to Engage Passive Nurse Practitioners

Widespread industry shortages require that hiring teams pursue new approaches. Passive candidate sourcing is one way for organizations to set themselves apart by using different and effective techniques. The studies show that 80% of working employees would entertain discussion about other opportunities. So, don’t wait; using passive candidate sourcing to find more talent. Some of the best ways to reach Nurse Practitioners or anyone else in the healthcare field include:

  1. Using inbound marketing to build a presence that attracts passive candidates. If you’re not using social media, email marketing, and blogging, you simply aren’t making the best use of your recruiting efforts. Advertising is one thing, but these traditional forms of reaching candidates are highly competitive; you’ll have to find a way to stand out from the pack. You can do this by using inbound creative content to communicate the value of your work and establish your brand presence.
  2. Establish a healthcare referral program. Engage current employees and even candidates in your search for top talent by offering rewards and incentives for the referred candidate. Many times, these referred candidates will also be passive. While they may not be looking for a new job, many times, it just takes a text or call from their trusted friend to open their eyes to an opportunity you may be offering.
  3. Finally, look internally to the job itself to help attract top talent. Make sure you are paying candidates what they’re worth and offer an attractive benefits and perks package competitive with the industry standard. Keep in mind that you are “selling” the passive candidate on why they should jump jobs, so make certain that the job you’re offering is a good one that will attract their interest. Usually, if the passive candidate is currently happy in their job, it would take an increase in salary or benefits to get them to consider making the switch. Does the job you’re offering give your healthcare talent the kind of incentive it will take for them to leave?

The team at MedSource Consultants works every day to build their networks of passive job candidates. Talk with our team about how we can help your organizations find nurse practitioners and other qualified clinical and administrative professionals to help your team.