5 Tips for Hiring Top Advanced Practitioners

Dawn Pascale

5 Tips for Hiring Top Advanced Practitioners MedSource Consultants

In most healthcare organizations, advanced practitioners play a critical role in creating better patient care. As healthcare continues to evolve to more team-based care models, advanced practitioners are taking the lead. This is why so many healthcare organizations spend thousands of dollars to solicit and recruit these professionals.

MedSource Consultants is an expert in finding advanced practice professionals. In this blog, we’ll share five tips to help you find more advanced practitioners for your growing staff.

Find More Advanced Practice Professionals with These Tips

The U.S. faces a severe deficit of clinical professionals. That makes advanced healthcare practitioners even more important to cover gaps in patient care. Your strategies for finding and hiring these professionals should include the following:

  1. Create a holistic recruitment plan incorporating marketing to extend your reach. Today, all good recruiters use marketing and sales to “sell” their position. Healthcare organizations must market their mission, culture, and opportunities for advancement if they want to attract talent. Show them what your organization offers by highlighting professional development and advancement opportunities.
  2. Look for the right cultural fit for your organization. Clinical skills aside, you must broaden your search to include a stronger emphasis on soft skills. Technical skills can always be learned, but communication, empathy, and organizational acumen are all needed in the advanced practitioner role.
  3. Rely on who you know. Reach out to existing teams within your organization to look for referrals to qualified candidates. Offer a referral bonus for qualified candidates. Then leverage employee networks to spread the word about the job opening. Ask your colleagues, professional contacts, and alumni networks if they know of any qualified advanced practitioners who may be interested in the position.
  4. Don’t just use LinkedIn and job boards for advertising your jobs. Use the newest social media apps to reach more candidates. Get creative in your approach by using video and platforms like TikTok to reach a wider audience. Instagram is a great platform to reach millennials.
  5. Go beyond LinkedIn Recruiter to look at a broader candidate pool. Consider connecting with educational organizations to talk with new graduates. Many advanced practitioner programs have career services offices or job boards where you can post job openings and connect with potential candidates. Hold a virtual or onsite open house and invite advanced practitioners and other qualified candidates. You can also offer paid internships in coordination with your local colleges and universities.

Finally, reach out to a recruiting firm like MedSource Consultants to find the right fit quickly.

We know that posting an ad on a job board today isn’t enough to attract advanced practitioner talent. Challenging times require new partnerships. MedSource Consultants can help your organization with highly qualified advanced practitioners. Our networks are well-established, and our reputation is unparalleled. Talk with our team today about how we can help you find advanced practitioners for your organization in Queens, NY and other parts of the United States.