5 Secret Weapons of the Best Healthcare Recruitment Firms

Dawn Pascale

Massive physician shortages continues to trend up. But you know this already. Everyone in the healthcare field is struggling to find the doctors they need. There is fierce competition in the marketplace even amongst larger multi-state health systems who can invest more in their physician compensation plans.  The not-so-secret weapon of many healthcare organizations these days, is their partnership with the right healthcare recruiting firm. The secret weapon, however, is finding the right one. 

Here’s why companies like MedSource Consultants are the go-to resource for healthcare organizations nationwide.

Secret Weapon #1

Healthcare recruiters should bring massive benefits to an already-overloaded HR team. Anyone can send a CV but great recruiters are experts at sourcing and screening and can send you the right physician candidate out of the gate.  The best healthcare recruitment firms have developed efficiencies through Artificial Intelligence technology coupled with industry-leading best practices to speed the candidate search process.  Anything less won’t deliver results fast.

Secret Weapon #2 

Building relationships with doctors is a proactive and timely process. It takes hours every day of patiently reaching out to start conversations with physicians, both residents and in-practice.  At the same time, they nurture their existing talent pool and are skilled at influencing passively-looking physicians to consider great opportunities.  Neither is a process that can be hurried as it can take years to form trust between recruiters and physicians.  MedSource Consultants has been building these networks since 1996, well before the physician shortage put us squarely behind the 8-ball.

Secret Weapon #3

With physicians being in the driver’s seat, you can count on some fancy contract negotiations to happen.  Most deals fall through at this stage and a valuable healthcare recruiter will deliver their expertise during complex contract negotiations.  Most good recruiters understand the job markets and the going rates that will attract doctors to your organization.  However, can they appreciate and mediate with the limitations of a smaller or even larger organization’s budget, like we can?  The best healthcare recruiters will set financial expectations upfront with physician candidates and be prepared to  highlight unique benefits such as multifaceted work, flex schedules, mentorship and faster advancement, and other non-monetary perks. 

Secret Weapon #4
Matchmaker Skills

Like dating, when an organization is courting a clinical professional, it is particularly important to find the right match for the existing team.  The best healthcare firms will find you physician candidates that are a cultural fit for an employer- founded on compatible visions, ideologies and mission.  Finding the right talent is an art that involves engagement, assessment, interaction, coaching and matching.  Bringing a physician that doesn’t fit the organization culturally and ones where you merely satisfy a basic want such as compensation, could affect the performance of the clinical team and cause a break-up of your existing employees.

Secret Weapon #5

When you identify physician recruitment needs, it’s already too late.  It takes months to find and onboard a physician.  Working with a healthcare recruitment firm like MedSource, can offer you quality interim locum tenens coverage while they help source a fantastic direct-hire physician.  You shouldn’t have to seek solutions from other agencies; it should be all in-house providing you with seamless coverage for your patients.

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With all these secret weapons, only the best Healthcare recruitment firms will be able to source you a physician candidate when the pool is thin. With the physician shortage ramping up even more, isn’t it time you considered the expert counsel of a healthcare recruiting firm like MedSource Consultants? Our experienced, dedicated team can ensure your healthcare organization will continue to perform at a high level by finding the right doctors quickly for your facility. Contact us to find out more.