3 Things Every Healthcare Organization Looks for in a Cover Letter

Lisa Whitfield

3 Things Every Healthcare Organization Looks for in a Cover Letter

If you are wondering if cover letters still matter, the short answer is yes.  Some opinions suggest that modern-day recruiting methods make cover letters obsolete, but we believe most employers expect a cover letter to accompany your resume. This is particularly true in healthcare, a field where communication is key no matter the role that you’re in. A cover letter demonstrates how you communicate and shows a commitment to your interest in the job over other candidates who fail to provide one.  A cover letter can help your performance in an interview as you consciously thought about what skills make a good fit for the position.  A cover letter could even tip the scales in your favor when it comes to negotiating. 

Do we have your attention?  Now let’s get the attention of your future employer.  Take note of the top three elements that must be in this cover letter to position yourself as the only candidate right for the role.

Tailor it to the Position

The first thing to recognize when writing a healthcare cover letter is that it should be tailored to fit the job you’re applying to. This is important both for your resume and the cover letter.  Also, look at the job description carefully to determine what keywords are mentioned and make sure you use those in both documents you send to the employer. This will help the recruiting team find you in a sea of applications. Taking the time to tailor your application carefully will help ensure that your efforts to apply were not wasted. Instead, this extra effort will get you noticed.

Narrate Why You’re the Right Fit

Most employers spend about seven seconds on your job application. The first step to snag their attention is step one; add keywords so they can find you. The second step is for your cover letter to tell the employer why you are the right fit to solve their problems.   Lead your cover letter with a bold statement that tells the employer exactly why you’re a good fit for the organization.

Be bold in describing your experiences:

  • “I bring eight years of Psychiatric Nursing to my job search and am looking for a new role that would apply my skills and knowledge.  Your skills requirements are an ideal match to what I can provide.”
  • “I graduated with First Class Honors from my medical school and completed my residency from one of the top programs in the U.S.  Since I started my professional career, I humbly present that every appraisal and report on my work has been received with the highest marks and standards.”
  • “In my current position as Medical Director, I increased revenue for the hospital by adding competent staff which increased patient capacity by 15%, and by applying lean techniques, it improved care outcomes while reducing costs.”

Try to consider the job itself from the perspective of the employer. What problem are they trying to solve in filling this role? How do your experiences fit your perception of this problem?

Tell Them How You’d Add Value to the Organization

In healthcare, organizations are looking for new employees that bring value to the team and their organization. They also want to know how you would fit in culturally.  What experiences do you have that show your value and cultural fit? 

  • Did you or the team you were on win awards?
  • How were your patient satisfaction scores?
  • Did you pick up extra shifts during COVID in an effort to help out your colleagues?
  • Did you add new credentials that make you a particularly good find for the organization?
  • Did you do your clinical rotation in a particularly prestigious organization?
  • Did you serve on committees in your last role and how does that apply to the role?
  • Describe a time you worked well in a team and can collaborated with ease?
  • Can you demonstrate your flexibility with a sentence or two?

Everyone loves a good story and recruiters and hiring managers are no exception.  Telling a compelling story from your career that relates to how you can add value and be viewed as a good cultural fit will make your cover letter unique and memorable for whoever reads it.

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