The Benefits of Telehealth in Today’s Times

The Benefit of Hybrid Healthcare Models When You Can't Do Telehealth MedSource Consultants

The COVID-19 crisis has normalized the practice of virtual medicine. While these tools have been in use for decades, regulatory and financial hurdles, along with doctor reluctance, kept telemedicine from becoming more popular. The pandemic, and the importance of social distancing, increased the practical need for remote care. Telehealth models seemed perfect for treating patients…

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Telehealth Growing As a Strategic Initiative for Hospitals

In 10-15 years, healthcare as we know it will no longer exist.  Currently, it’s a boom time for telehealth. One sign the technology is on the rise is that even CMS changed the rules to accommodate reimbursement for the use of digital tools to provide healthcare consultation. According to mHealthIntelligence, a growing number of patients…

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