Since COVID-19 Impacted Med School, Will It Affect My Job Search?

Technology Solutions Physicians NEED to Embrace

The COVID-19 pandemic harmed student clinical rotations and moved many classes to online models. This article will explore how COVID-19 impacted medical school for many students in 2020 and early 2021. How will these trends impact the job search for new medical school graduates this year? How Did COVID-19 Affect Medical School? Since the coronavirus…

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Finding the Right Recruiter Will Make All the Difference

The 10 Best States to Work in As a Physician MedSource Consultants

Determined to shake off 2020 and make 2021 your year? The right recruiter can make it happen! When you’re looking for a new opportunity in your medical career, a recruiter can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. They can help guide your search, negotiate your compensation package, and ensure your success. Finding the…

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Best Interview Questions to Understand a Provider’s Soft Skills

Having strong soft skills in healthcare are crucial to care delivery. Soft skills are the personal characteristics healthcare workers exhibit that allows them to interact effectively with coworkers and the patients they serve. While these soft skills are sometimes overlooked in favor of critical clinical or job-related skills, they play a huge role in patient…

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Are Doctors Being Replaced by Robots?

James Cameron helped us realize our deepest fears about robots; that they would be better, more powerful than humans.  Movies like the Terminator and the Matrix, symbolize so many of our neuroses and our queasiness about technology and the unknown.  How replaceable are we?  Literally, every type of worker on the planet has probably wondered…

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How to Make the Most of the 15-Minute Med Check


Doing more with less has become something of a cultural mantra, and the medical realm is no exception. From getting patients to prioritize their health and invest in preventive care and maintenance, to optimizing practice resources to meet administrative, revenue and patient-care demands, making the most of even a small 15-minute window is essential. The…

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