Physicians Benefit from Collaboration with NPs and PAs

Delivering an optimal level of health care is the primary focus for all clinicians, regardless of title. Nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians all have similar goals of desirable outcomes when treating a patient, and while one may be capable of delivering quality care without the other, there is little question that they are stronger when they…

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Certificates of Added Qualifications for PAs

Crafting a Medical CV in 2023: The Key to Landing Your Dream Job MedSource Consultants

Since the Physician Assistant program began in the mid-1960s at Duke University, the options for specialization have ranged across primary care, surgical, and hospital settings. At inception, the goal of the PA curriculum was to fill the need for physician shortages and inadequate distribution of physicians in the US. The education lasts an average of 27 months and…

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