Finding the Right Recruiter Will Make All the Difference

The 10 Best States to Work in As a Physician MedSource Consultants

Determined to shake off 2020 and make 2021 your year? The right recruiter can make it happen! When you’re looking for a new opportunity in your medical career, a recruiter can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. They can help guide your search, negotiate your compensation package, and ensure your success. Finding the…

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5 Apps to Make Your Life as a Nurse Practitioner Easier

Those of us in the nursing profession know that apps make our lives easier. Minority Nurse reports 95 percent of nurses and nurse practitioners own a smartphone, and 88 percent use smartphone apps at work. Clinical teams use apps to check drug interactions or to match symptoms to an illness. They also use these digital…

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Tips for Finding a Nurse Practitioner Job Out-of-State

Even in a four percent unemployment market, it’s tough to find work out-of-state. HR managers and recruiters typically are more inclined to go for the “easy money” NPs, and so they often select candidates that won’t add to the hiring process by having to relocate. Relocation takes extra time that many hiring managers simply don’t…

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The Top Healthcare Trends to Watch in 2019


The constant in healthcare for 2019 is change. While the paradigm shift from volume to value is still sorting itself out with federal regulators, other trends will take center stage in 2019. From technology innovation, increasing costs, and skilled labor shortages, to population health, 2019 is predicted to be transformational for healthcare leaders and the…

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