The Financial Impact of Staffing Shortages in Hospitals

Healthcare staffing shortages have emerged as a critical and chronic challenge with far-reaching consequences. Hospitals face many issues when grappling with inadequate staffing levels. Beyond the immediate concerns for patient care, the financial repercussions of hospital staffing shortages are profound and demand closer examination. Increased Overtime Costs One of the most immediate financial impacts of…

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Bigger is Not Always Better: The Advantage of Working with a Boutique Healthcare Staffing Agency

Talent shortages in healthcare pose serious issues for the facilities and their patients.  So when a key hire is imperative and internal talent acquisition has not been able to provide the candidates, healthcare companies turn to the professional staffing industry.   Options are plenty when it comes to choosing a healthcare staffing agency and bigger doesn’t…

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Since COVID-19 Impacted Med School, Will It Affect My Job Search?

Technology Solutions Physicians NEED to Embrace

The COVID-19 pandemic harmed student clinical rotations and moved many classes to online models. This article will explore how COVID-19 impacted medical school for many students in 2020 and early 2021. How will these trends impact the job search for new medical school graduates this year? How Did COVID-19 Affect Medical School? Since the coronavirus…

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Finding the Right Recruiter Will Make All the Difference

The 10 Best States to Work in As a Physician MedSource Consultants

Determined to shake off 2020 and make 2021 your year? The right recruiter can make it happen! When you’re looking for a new opportunity in your medical career, a recruiter can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. They can help guide your search, negotiate your compensation package, and ensure your success. Finding the…

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How to Overcome Your Long-Distance Healthcare Job Search

Have you ever wanted to move away and start fresh somewhere else? Perhaps you found your dream job – but it’s located five states over.   Maybe you’re being sweet-talked back home by an aging parent.   Whatever the catalyst for conducting an out-of-state job search, it’s both exciting and anxiety-inducing.  Doing it right requires a lot…

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Healthcare’s Booms and Busts of 2018

Another amazing year has come and gone and excitement for the last year of the 21st century’s second decade is upon us. There is much to be excited about heading into 2019. As we develop a more symbiotic relationship with our technology, it’s hard not to wonder what the future holds in this regard, especially in…

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Avoid These Mistakes When Changing Jobs as a Physician


A medical career, like the hit ABC drama, Grey’s Anatomy, is supposed to last forever right? You made the sacrifices, and put in the time and toil to become a successful physician. And yet lately, you may find yourself feeling slightly wistful over – or even downright envious of – the perceived freedom and joie de…

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