Backflips to Reducing Physician Turnover

Redefining Success and Work-Life Balance in the Medical Field MedSource Consultants

One of the least-discussed aspects and pain points of the healthcare industry is the cost associated with high physician turnover. Like all professionals and human beings, doctors are not a monolith, and there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” practitioner. A candidate may look great “on paper” so to speak, and they may even…

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Start the Conversation: Mental Health Wellness in the Workplace for Physicians

How to Attract and Keep Your Locum Tenens Provider Happy MedSource Consultants

Once considered among the ultimate taboos, open discussions about mental health – particularly in the workplace – were typically likened to the professional equivalent of discussing religion or politics at the dinner table. However, with greater awareness and shifts in cultural attitudes about the nature and scope of mental illness, discussions around mental health and…

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10 Questions Physicians Must Ask When Considering A Counter Offer

You’re coming down the home stretch. You’ve received an excellent offer for a new job opportunity, and it’s time to tender your resignation. Assuredly, you walk into your current administrator’s office to give notice, expecting a moment of panic and perhaps a brief handshake wishing you well. What you didn’t expect was an implausible counter-offer.…

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Interview-Winning Medical CV Best Practices

To understand the weight a compelling Curriculum Vitae has, one must put themselves in the shoes of a prospective employer. Let’s follow the mindset of Laura, hiring authority for a large med-surge hospital. Laura has a medical team woefully understaffed and overtasked, yet she is having trouble getting consent to hire a full-time clinician. She fights for months…

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Choosing the Right Medical Specialty Based on Salary (Infographic)

No matter where you fall in your medical career, money never stops being a concern. Perhaps you’re a recent graduate with almost $200,000 in student debt. Maybe you’re in the “50 percent of doctors surveyed [who] either have or would consider purchasing, buying into, merging or selling their practice” just to make ends meet. Maybe you’re considering…

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Immigration Ban Has No Clear Impact on Match Outcome

What does it mean to match? For some, it means “swiping right” could match you with your future life partner. For others, it means you’ve been accepted into a U.S. residency or fellowship program. This past Friday marked another iteration of the National Resident Matching Program, aptly nicknamed “the Match.” The Match is a complex…

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