The Profound Rewards of Becoming a Nurse Practitioner

Few professions offer profound rewards and opportunities for personal and professional growth quite like that of a nurse practitioner. As a pivotal member of the healthcare team, nurse practitioners play a vital role in delivering quality care, positively impacting patients’ lives, and fostering a sense of fulfillment and joy in the dynamic healthcare environment. There…

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Guiding Career Advancements in the Healthcare Industry

In healthcare, career advancement is about more than climbing the corporate ladder. It’s also about continuous learning, skill development, and personal growth. Proactive leadership is pivotal in empowering healthcare professionals to advance their careers and fostering a culture of continual improvement. This blog post will explore strategies to support professional growth within healthcare teams and…

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Is Having a Professional Network Important?

Boutique Staffing Agencies Offer Great Opportunities for Locum Tenens

Ask any c-suite executive in the healthcare space and they will confirm that, yes, a professional network matters. But what about the clinical teams on the ground? You’re caught up in the daily methodology of care delivery, administrative decisions, or research, and probably the last thing you want to do is build a network. However,…

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How Competitive is the Physician Job Market?

Doctors know their services are in demand. We’ve been discussing the shortage of primary and specialty care providers for several years, and most project severe scarcity by 2025. That was before the pandemic, which exacerbated some provider shortages because many clinicians are opting for early retirement over continuing to handle the stresses of their positions.…

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The Great Resignation: How to Manage Your Hospital Workforce

In May 2021, 3.6 million Americans quit their jobs. In June, four million people quit their jobs. By July, the phrase “The Great Resignation” made headlines, and a Gallup analysis came out showing nearly 50% of the American workforce say they’re considering the job opportunities that are out there or are actively looking. What is…

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Bigger is Not Always Better: The Advantage of Working with a Boutique Healthcare Staffing Agency

Talent shortages in healthcare pose serious issues for the facilities and their patients.  So when a key hire is imperative and internal talent acquisition has not been able to provide the candidates, healthcare companies turn to the professional staffing industry.   Options are plenty when it comes to choosing a healthcare staffing agency and bigger doesn’t…

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Survival Tips for Working the Night Shift at the Hospital

How to Survive This Year's Physician Shortage

There are fewer roles in healthcare that are as misunderstood as that of the night-shift team. While the rest of the world is sleeping, they are providing an invaluable service that is often unrecognized and underappreciated. So why do they do it? There are major advantages to working the night shift such as premium pay,…

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Why a Career in Internal Medicine Can Open More Doors

Better Managing Family Medicine Teams With a Staffing Partner MedSource Consultants

Any career is full of paths to choose, and medicine is no exception. If you’re studying to be a doctor, residency training can take you into a specialist role that focuses on a particular organ, surgery, or even concentrating on a particular age group (geriatrics, children, etc.). Often overlooked for a stronger focused specialty or…

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Finding a Job After Residency: What NOT to Do

Every part of what you do now, including creating your CV, looking for job openings, writing cover letters, dressing for an interview, negotiating your salary can make—or break—your ability to land the best job after residency.  The future you’ve worked so hard for is just a heartbeat away, and you’ll need to make critical decisions…

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